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January 23, 2020
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April 14, 2020

Smart Office Solutions Start With Flexibility

As our name suggests, Mac to Life are specialists in the full spectrum of Apple devices ranging from the iMac to the latest incarnations of iPads and iPhones. We’ve seen businesses of all sizes benefiting from the switch to Apple devices across their organisation, plus we’ve helped companies that have already converted to Apple streamline, troubleshoot and generally improve their IT systems. How we’ve achieved that always depends on the needs of the specific client, meaning that we never go into a situation with a preconceived notion of how we’re going to approach it. Diagnosing a problem might be one thing, fixing it is another, improving your processes so that lightning is less likely to strike twice might be quite another. Ultimately, we follow the path each individual client needs us to – that’s part of what makes our days so interesting.
The mobile or remote hourly support service we offer works to the benefit of our clients. If your company isn’t big enough or keen to employ specialist IT staff, you’re out on a limb when things go wrong. Businesses that use Macs and other Apple devices can really feel cast adrift with many consultancies specialising in Microsoft and having only a basic knowledge of Apple systems. For some businesses, ongoing contracts with IT consultants provide a way forward, but what about everyone else? That’s where we come in.
Here’s the bottom line – you want to keep your costs low and we want to help you do that. If your office Macs break down or start misbehaving, you need to know you can get a rapid response at a competitive price. If you can’t afford to be locked into a contract and you know that sometimes accidents do happen, hourly support from Mac to Life could be a gamechanger for your company. It fits neatly alongside the external support you already obtain as and when you need it from other professional services. The question we’d ask is, if it’s good enough for your accountancy needs, why wouldn’t you snap up a similar pay-as-you-go option for your office IT needs?

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