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January 23, 2020
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Why Mac Support for Seniors Matters

Why Mac Support for Seniors Matters

It’s no secret that the older generation is becoming more tech-savvy and accessing the same technology as their younger counterparts. The most recent Office of National Statistics (ONS) release covering internet usage showed the number of older people accessing the internet has continued to increase, with 47% of over-75s recent users and 83% of those between 65 and 74.

So, a greater number of older people have switched on to the possibilities of computers and the internet, and that’s great. However, it’s still worth remembering that older users may need more support in setting up and maintaining their computers – and that’s where local tech support comes into play.

Are Macs Better for Older People?

We’re not going to rehash the old Mac vs PC debate in this blog, but we do have a few good reasons why Macs are an excellent choice for older users:

  • They’re easier to set-up
  • They’re simpler and more intuitive to use
  • They’re more secure
  • They sync easily with other Apple tech like iPhones, iPad, HomeKit and other devices
  • Their bundled software is great for simple editing of photos and videosA key reason many users opt for Macs is because they’re happy in the Apple ecosystem, so it’s easy to link their iPhone or Apple TV to their Mac, sharing files and seamlessly syncing content. For older users, it makes sense to stay within one ecosystem to reduce any possible confusion and compatibility issues, but there are still times when support might be needed.

    When to Call in Mac to Life!

    The challenges facing older Mac users are sometimes different to younger ones, especially if they’ve only recently adopted the technology. So, any decent Mac support company has to provide a comprehensive service that could last from the moment the Mac is taken out of its box to the day it’s finally replaced.

    What can Mac to Life help our older London customers with?

    • Initial Set-Up and Training – Some customers may need support with configuring their Mac when they first buy it or transferring data from an existing device – we can ensure it’s up and running quickly and that the customer’s confident about using their Mac.
    • Home Support – Thanks to our at-home service in London, we can support customers personally in a way that some remote companies aren’t able to. Showing rather than telling or taking over the Mac remotely is often preferable for older users.
    • Easy Repairs – Along similar lines, older Mac users want the type of straightforward repair service Mac to Life offers where the Mac is collected from their home and returned swiftly once the repair’s complete. Unlike the stereotype of the retiree sitting bored at home, the truth is that older people have busy lives and our service works with that.
    • Straightforward Pricing – It’s unfortunate there are too many people out there who would prefer to over charge an older customer rather than treat them with respect and deliver a quality service. As part of our commitment to our customers, we use straightforward pricing and we’ll always be clear with all customers about what’s going on with their devices.

    You may have guessed this already, but at Mac to life we’re passionate about the possibilities of Macs and all Apple devices. If we can support more people to embrace them too, we’ll be dancing along to the music coming out of our HomePod.